Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Objectification as it relates to the Twilight films

Another-another thought on the significance of Twilight, encompassing both the reaction to Robert Pattinson and Robert Pattinson's reaction to Edward Cullen and building from there:
But the issue of Our Cultural Discomfort With Objectifying Robert Pattinson, which is a very important phenomenon that I just made up and decided that we should focus on, is perhaps best illuminated by how different it is from our generalized Cultural Discomfort with [Transformers's] Megan Fox...

...People outside the superfan matrix don’t tend to have strong feelings about The Pattz, but they do tend to get all squirmy and giggly and uncomfortable with the way that so many women relate to his filmed image (for example, by screen-printing it on their underpants) and/or his person.

Because those women are acting in a way that is typically reserved for men. And they’re treating Pattinson like a girl.
The writer of Tiger Beatdown explains more.
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