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In which I pull back from Twitter a bit

It's possible to get too wrapped up in Twitter.

I think I was starting to. This weekend, for several reasons, I held off posting to my Twitter feed, and I read some of the people I know on Twitter, but tried just to dip into it. I'd acted compelled to catch up on hours, sometimes days, of messages and eventually told myself Dude, how much blogging nutrition are you getting from this? Your effort to take in these messages isn't as rewarded with content. Don't get spastic about it. So I won't.

I like Poppy Z. "docbrite" Brite's attitude re: Twitter, which Brite in Brite's wisdom said was (approximate quote) "Dumb but fun." (Brite Tweets too, by the way.) I try to post and participate in that spirit, but oh can Twitter be a time-suck, and I feel more of a need to write more in-depth over here. This is more important to me.

I've also disabled my automatic Twitter-dump that created an entry an LJ day based on whatever I'd posted to Twitter the past 24 hours. Maybe I'll reinstate it, but it really wasn't adding much over here.

Twitter has its uses, but Twitter isn't Best In Life.

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