Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A surreal Sunday of masks and monsters

How have I missed Santo films until now?!

As I'd heard vaguely about, Santo was one of the most famous lucha libre wrestlers in Mexico in the middle of the last century, wrestling while wearing (always wearing) a mask and also starring in surreal motion pictures where he's a superhero battling evil. Now I've seen one! Last night I did what I usually don't do and went out on a Sunday night, because the Mt. Tabor theater hosted a screening of Santo and the Blue Demon Versus the Monsters (1969 or 1970, depending on what website I've looked at) (oo! Another link!) with a local comedy group called The Seventh Planet cracking wise at the flick. Fun, and with a cracked-out movie to have it with. Whoa. Unfortunately I was too shy, as I too often am, and didn't say hi to anyone in the theater until the very end, when I briefly spoke with last night's commentator Tara Dublin. And by then, I was tired and less coherent. Okay, I hope I'm rested and sounding intelligent next time I run into her!

A cab got me home afterward, as I wanted to get home and get to bed expeditiously. And wake up enough the next day to be able to use words like "expeditiously." Note to self: About $10 from the Hawthorne neighborhood to home = not a bad deal.
Tags: portland

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