Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Last night at the Bagdad: Out-Of-Context Theater Edition!

Me and Fatboy doing the Monty Python Masonic handshake; "Hobbit beer." "THAT will put hair on your feet!"; "Wow, even YOU smiled."; "The line is gonna go THROUGH THE PUB!!!"; "It was better with the lights out."; a VIP visitor named Jack Skellington; "Sooo-perrrr-mannnn."; "Remember Oliver Platt!"; "At least I didn't drink it first."; [Argh! A bunch of cool smart-assed comments Anna made that I'm blanking on! Anyone remember what she said??!)

And, thought by me but not said by me: "I did that with BEER in me!"
Tags: midnight movies, out-of-context theater!, portland

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