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The power of editing compels you!

Twitter leads to revision! Witness this exchange on Twitter between me (splunge2000) and Mike "Culture Pulp" Russell:
culturepulp The super-rough thumbnail sketches for yesterday's Do/Don't Holiday Guide, with occasional variant punchlines:

splunge2000 The line could've been just "Do you gift-wrap?" I'm always editing, I know that...

culturepulp Actually, maybe that would have been funnier.

culturepulp Yep, slightly funnier.
Mike revised the online "Mr. Do and Mr. Don't" 'cause of what I said! The change is in the fourth panel. As I then said,
splunge2000 You doing that brings me strange glee.
I also said
splunge2000 But if shorter and punchier is funnier, then why isn't **** funnier? (I can't think of anyone good for an example. HUMOR FAIL)

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