Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Bartelby is a whiny ass.

Before I woke up...

(By the way, I will never end anything I write with the phrase "And then I woke up." Playin' fair, y'all!)

I was hosting some giant, many-person shindig at what used to be a Walsh family vacation home in Oregon's Coast Range. All sorts of people were there. Including a very angry, slightly destructive Bartelby. As in "played by Ben Affleck in Kevin Smith's Dogma" Bartleby. I say "slightly destructive" because I sensed somehow that he couldn't destroy the world, the way he almost did in the movie, so my job was just to herd him out of the way of everyone else, like he were an embarrassing drunk. Which I'm pretty sure he was. Perils of being a host.

It was nice to dream about Slick Rock, though. That was the house, next to Slick Rock Creek which flows into the Salmon River. (Some of Twilight's forest scenes were shot near the Salmon River. That sort of scenery, except it's sunnier than you'd think from the film.) The site is surrounded by hills and trees, with recurring areas that were logged then replanted. It's a neat, comfortable place. We had it in the family for nearly 25 years, then sold it after Dad's parents (who'd bought the land and put up a small house) could no longer go there.

So why did whiny semi-destructive Bartelby get to go there? Some questions, alas, are not to be answered.
Tags: dreams

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