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You just have to know where to scritch.

There was a tense standoff in my dreams last night. A tense aliens-with-guns standoff. I was an alien and so were my weapons-toting antagonists. I was in some sort of permeable dome, like what the Gunguns used in The Phantom Menace. Lots of rounded, dome-like shapes throughout the oddly lit, indoor environment where the standoff was taking place. They were just outside my dome, which was partly damaged with at least one weapons-caused hole in it.

The other aliens' other weapons? Dinosaurs. Velociraptor-like things about as tall as I am and a lot longer. Primed to spring towards me and eat me. Lots of teeth between me and their gullets, and those teeth putting on an impressive display of snarling. Oh dear.

One pounced.

I jumped aside (must have had springy tentacles, or that handy floating thing Dominars use in Farscape), reached around the dinosaur's head, and started scratching. Suddenly MUCH more placid, submissive, happy dinosaur. Those teeth even seemed to be displayed in a grin. Suddenly a defused standoff, too. Phew. Crisis averted. Now I don't have to find out what it means when dinosaurs eat you in dreams. ;-)

Meanwhile, I'm staying home, including getting back into bed in a bit. Maybe there'll be more dreams!
Tags: dreams, star wars

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