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Boring, but necessary update information!*

Stuff's been, like, happening and stuff:

  • I managed to work, while getting better, for two full days. My checkbook will thank me. Thursday was kind of a slog, as my energy level fluctuated that day, but I was more consistently "on" during Friday.

  • Sore throat lingered into last night (still slightly sore now, in fact). At the worst of it I thought I'd start sounding like Miguel Ferrer.

  • The chunk of tree is finally gone! It got removed either Thursday or Friday -- one of the days I worked -- and I finally noticed this morning. (Thursday and Friday I hadn't been home when it was light.) I continue to be happy that managed to fall in the least damaging way possible. Whoa.

  • I've managed to follow Lost (now early into Season 2) even during this Week Of Sick. Question! Is it better or worse to watch Lost when ill?

    What happens next? I'll do what's next, then try to post about it!

    * Phrasing inspired by the ordering forms in the back of the cheap-o Pioneer Publishing books I occasionally bought in the early 90s. I got Mark A. Altman's Twin Peaks companion book and Ed Gross's L.A. Law companion book. Terrible layouts and copy-editing but, sometimes, worthy content, especailly the Twin Peaks book.
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