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This is how you do it. (Writing prompts!)

Earlier this week, I asked for writing prompts. idiomagic said
You should write about me, of course. There could be no worthier topic. ;)
Oh yes, idiomagic, you asked nicely. Write about you I shall:

idiomagic is impressive. She‘s written song lyrics that have been sung and recorded. She survived living in New Orleans when the levees failed (and wrote about it in hurricanegrrl). She now lives in Austin. She's freaking hilarious. She's also deeply committed: she's followed in-depth the protests in Iran (protests that are still happening, understand) over its election.

In further news, idiomagic knows how to handle blades. She could probably kill you while naked. She could likely make you enjoy this. She hasn’t minded me and others shamelessly flirting with her (and she’s worth flirting with, trust me). She's impressed at least one rock star in person, meaning I can think of one story of her experiencing The Rock-And-Roll Lifestyle, but that's her story to tell, not mine. And there are likely many other such stories.

I'm enjoying getting to know you, idiomagic.

You can still tell me what to write about!

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