Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"So I'm watching James Cameron's brain explode for 3 hours?" "Exactly."

Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts wants to tell you about James Cameron's Avatar. Much swearing and some spoiling are involved.
You're staring at some the best CGI ever seen on screen, period. I never quite bought the Na'vi, mostly because of their goofy design, but the uncanny valley that plagues [Robert] Zemeckis' creepy cybercreatures is nowhere to be found here. These are amazingly, realistically expressive 9 foot tall Cat Warriors. The (unearned and forced) emotion Cameron asks the audience to feel for these natives is there on their faces, in their body language, in a way not seen since Gollum had a bitch session on a tree stump in 2002. This is Cameron's head, emptied onto the screen with more love and care than he's shown to any of his previous films.
Much more at the link ("'Avatar' Is Horribly Written, Way Too Long, Totally Worth It"). Including the description "the company's military leader, a man so masculine that just looking at him makes Nick Fury's third eye cry."

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