Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sometimes even Audrey Hepburn swore

Avoiding a potentially frustrating experience by NOT watching Fargo edited and dubbed for television. Seriously, Ch. 32 is showing it. That story's rated R for reasons. Many.

Now I'm wondering what my rating would be. G, PG (the former M and GP rating, as explained here by my friend slipjig), PG-13, R, X, NC-17: those are my options, unless I invent one. (Rated BLIRST!) No great insight to say I can be all sorts of ratings: sometimes I'm G, sometimes I'm X. So are most people, and I can't think of anyone I know who couldn't be any one of the ratings based on the circumstances they're in. Heck, sometimes even Audrey Hepburn swore. (As Billy Wilder mentioned in Cameron Crowe's Wilder interview book.)

"Sometimes even Audrey Hepburn swore." Whoa: said that way, it almost sounds profound.

This entry? Not profound. Probably doesn't sound profound, either.

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