Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Times, it is a-goin' (the end of the Washington Times as we know it)

Via yendi: Eric Boehlert on the bizarre legacy of the getting-massively-downsized Washington Times, which will soon cease to function as a newspaper and be basically an opinion sheet.
At this time of reflection, it's worth pondering two rather astonishing facets about the Times and its bizarre life and looming death. The first is the deep irony of how the Times, a clarion voice of partisan right-wing values, was run as a charity for nearly three decades and whose business model made a mockery of the free-marketplace system supposedly cherished by conservatives. The second is the even deeper irony of how the Times was owned by a delusional prophet whose apocalyptic visions made an even bigger mockery of the Christian values supposedly cherished by conservative activists.
The whole piece is worth reading.

So what will G. Gordon Liddy read in the mornings now? (Back in the early Nineties on his radio show, Liddy did a newspaper roundup, always starting with the Washington Times. Some other papers later, he'd go "Now moving on to Washington's 'alternative' paper, the Washington Post." Please insert obvious reference to why Liddy would have it in for the Post here...)

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