Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

R.I.P., Dan O'Bannon

Another passing: Writer-producer Dan O'Bannon, who wrote or co-wrote (among other things) Alien, Dark Star (a film I really like), the zombie film satire Return of the Living Dead, and Total Recall. Also had a hand in starting the career of James Cameron, working with him in Aliens even before Cameron had made The Terminator*. Also also one of the animators on Star Wars: he helped create the rebel's plans for the raid on the Death Star.

O'Bannon was 63.

* Sorry, my error: O'Bannon wasn't involved with Aliens, though original Alien producer Walter Hill was. It is true, though, that Cameron was hired to write and direct the sequel even before Cameron made The Terminator: I've seen the story treatment, which is dated 1983.

There's a lot more I could've cited about O'Bannon, who was a jack of all trades.
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