Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Writer's Block: Winter wonderland

Do you long for snow during the winter holidays? Would you prefer to spend your holidays in the tropics or in a winter wonderland?

(Random opening: there is no snow in space...)

Last Christmas wasn't a White Christmas, it was AN ICE CHRISTMAS. Portland got hammerblasted with an ice storm right before Christmas. Got treacherous. For days and days it was treacherous. I was extra aware of this because I was temping at the time at TriMet, the area mass transit system, and hearing the reports of all those buses stuck in the ice and snow. (One especially bad day over 300 buses were stuck.) On the one hand, I live four blocks from the TriMet offices so I could get there on time each day, and I could be useful while there, but on the other hand -- oh, dear word, the phone calls. VERY, and understandably, unhappy people, especially on the days when conditions got worse as the day went on and service was stopped in the afternoons.

That Christmas? Not my kind of White Christmas, particularly when it quickly became an Icy Gray Christmas. Dishwater Christmas doesn't give the same nice visual.

May my next White Christmas (which won't be this year) be a gentler White Christmas? I could get behind that.

That said, I figure at least one Christmas I should be in Hawaii, or somewhere else nice and warm. Just to experience that tropical Christmas at least once.

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