Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!

Birthday roundup today!

Happy birthday to writer/ battle-ready ninja/ professional blunt person girlyengine! I cherish our long chat at 2008's Pi-Con about Maggie Gyllenhaal. ;-)

A delayed happy birthday to girlyengine's partner coebird! I hope the both of you aren't snowed in for over a week, like last year, and that you keep each other warm only for good reasons, not "trying not to dieeeeeee" reasons. (I exaggerate. But they did experience a really long power outage last winter.)

And an also-on-this-day birthday (I'm not too late! Woo hoo!) to New Yorker and increasingly world traveler coyotegoth!

Stay warm, y'all. (All of them are Northeasterners preparing for that big-ass storm brewing in the East.)
Tags: birthdays

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