Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Nursing a sick car back to health

Mom and Dad got me home this morning, as I needed a ride back from their place after Christmas. Dad and I then spent some time with my long-neglected car, jumping it, running it for the first time in a couple of months and then taking it for a several-block spin around my neighborhood. Dad, much better at car stuff than I, gave me some pointers on what it likely needs, some of which I knew. It wouldn't start after that, so we jumped it again, and I let it run for a while. I've been letting it run on and off this afternoon, glad that it has plenty of gas and hoping that it keeps running. And it has gotten enough charge to be able to start again. So far I've let it be stopped for the length of a Lost episode, and it started again. This week: Get a couple of things checked by professionals, and (if all goes well) get its oil changed and start driving it regularly again.

I both miss driving and know that I need to retrain myself driving. I drove some last month -- a company car for a work errand (as in, Portland to Auburn, Wash., 150 miles one way), and a MUCH SHORTER trip into Newberg when I was staying with my folks at Thanksgiving -- and a little earlier this month, when I gassed up a company car. But the longest road trip I did this year was to Eugene back in February, and the longest trip after that was to go to Tigard for the Star Trek preview screening. Otherwise, very little driving. This year I've likely driven the least of any year I've been a driver. If this works, I can do longer trips again. I've missed doing that.

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