Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

............................. TSOL ............................. (huh. Sounds like "LOL.")

Ever watch Jaws backward? You watch it backward and it's about a shark throwing people up until they open the beach. (I like that old joke.)

In that spirit, someone should watch Lost backward when it's done. Might blow their mind. (Notice I avoided the "probably makes as much sense that way" crack, huh?)

In other Lost news, I've been experimenting today with watching the 2nd season Lost DVDs at one step faster than normal speed, with subtitles on. I kind of want to power through this season, get the basic story info, and get more quickly to Season 3. And it hit me this weekend how close Season 6 is to starting, and now that I'm actually involved with the show I want to see as much of it as possible before the final batch of episodes air.

By the way, I decided there's another reason I'm liking Lost. I once decided that disaster films were always to some extent hobbled by having to so quickly, broadly sketch each character, because disaster films -- this applies to alien invasion films, too -- usually have gigantic casts. At some level, the characters are going to be cartoons, or at least cartoonish. Mars Attacks! takes that to a nice extreme, I think (yeah, I kind of get a sick kick out of that flick), but you know what I'm talking about. So I decided that a disaster or alien invasion could be told in a TV series or miniseries, leading up to the invasion or disaster but giving the characters time to be a little more carefully sketched out.

Lost is doing that in its own, strangely structured way: show the disaster, then show all those flashbacks, filling in the blanks of the survivors' lives. I watched one of the Season 1 documentaries where the show runners explain they did that because the idea of "survivors on an island" didn't seem compelling enough: why are those specific people on the island? was and is the cooler, more compelling question. Of course there's a "tying everything and everyone together" quality to those flashbacks, too ("Oh, those two ran into each other before the flight?"), but ultimately they tell us more -- more story, more character, and more depth. Or, at least, they should. I'm sure each of the Lost fans reading this can think of a flashback that made them go Um, no, that doesn't really fit. (Don't give me examples of flash-forwards that do that, though. I'm not to that part of the show yet.)

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