Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


"Noodle": silly word, tasty food. Yes/No?

I have noodles on the brain. (Noodles on the noodle!) Had some for dinner. Find noodles to be a satisfying thing to eat. Also I can imagine I'm eating tentacles, and have vanquished the kraken or Cthulhu or whatever. (Not squid or octopi, though: they're smart and nice.) It brought me hope to see the teriyaki place near my apartment is now selling pho (pronounced "Fuh"), because beef noodle soup combines the satisfaction of noodles AND the satisfaction of beef (AND the satisfaction of broth) in a more-convenient-to-me location! I shall partake sometime soon. Mmm. Noodles.

(...yes, I'm going to bed soon.)
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