Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Overly worried about jinxing things

And I know yesterday's post didn't say where I was road-tripping. I spent today in Eugene with my friend Alicia, helping her run errands and visiting with her. (She's The Former Significant Other, as I call her. There she is.) I realized at some level, I was worried about jinxing the trip by saying "Hey! I'm going on this trip!" It's the longest I've taken my car since last February, and the first such trip after getting work done on it, and I felt it was tempting fate to say where I was going in case my car didn't make it. Silly reason. Also makes for boring reading.

But my car ran fine, and Alicia's fine, and we visited well (ate well, too). The errands were a bust, but the conversation and random encounters with Interesting Stuff made it still worth it. Nice to feel more confident about the car, too. Which I'll now use to get groceries and dinner.

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