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T-minus four days until The Iron Giant

Time soon for another Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie:

One benefit of this screening? Not only will many Iron Giant fans finally get to see the film on the big screen, but they WON'T have to watch the trailers Warner Brothers stuck in front of The Iron Giant back in 1999: A Dog of Flanders and Pokemon: The First Movie. The final two signs, signs seen when it was too late to make a difference but signs just the same, that Warner Brothers had NO idea how to sell The Iron Giant. It was PG for a reason. The Iron Giant's ideal audience had perhaps NO overlap with the Pokemon audience. But hey, put kids' film trailers in front of it because it's a kids' film! Um, no. Or at least, the answer SHOULD'VE been "No."

Instead, something cool will play in front of The Iron Giant, which is showing FRIDAY AT 11 P.M. AT THE BAGDAD FOR $3 TICKETS AND YOU HAVE TO BE 21 OR OLDER (figured that should be repeated in caps), because Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts will have clips beforehand. I don't know what these clips will be, but I trust Bobby. They will be worthy clips. And they'll whet the appetite nicely.
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