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Happy birthday, slipjig!

Today: the year's first birthday amongst my circle of online friends.

Please to be sending "Happy Birthday" vibes to Adam Fromm, a.k.a. slipjig!

You like crosswords? Adam makes them. A year or two ago he got a crossword published in the New York Times. Later this year he'll have one of his Sunday crosswords published in the New York Times. Those Sunday puzzles are MONSTERS. And he wrangled one into shape.

That's just one example of the coolness of slipjig. Happy Birthday, man.

P.S. Why not? I'll re-share the birthday thing I wrote for him two years ago:
Y'all should give a flying fig
'Bout the birthday of our man slipjig
Adult beverages one should swig
Or instead maybe fly in a Russian MiG
That he's a year older is good, ya dig
(He's still years away from needing a wig)
His partners all know he's their own Mr. Big
And he thinks well enough to still do trig
So dance a dance like a whirligig
To the beat of drums by Anton Fig
And happy-fun party time we should rig
To celebrate the birthday of slipjig!
Tags: birthdays, poetical

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