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Today my stealthiness paid off! I happily surprised coffeeinhell and Patrick with a gift copy of The Venture Bros., Season One. I figured they could use the entertainment, and they appreciated the unexpected treat. “Like a for-us-to-keep gift? Thank you,” Dawn said. “I’m sure I have gay Italian porn to give you…”

That last sentence was brought to you by Adored, an attempted art film that Dawn received a review copy of and that remains unopened on her desk. (It’s about a gay porn star. And his brother learning to accept that. Oh, and an attempted adoption of some 6-year-old.) She and Patrick suggested I take it and stick it on the shelves of a friend. Someone did that to them once with a copy of the film of Clan of the Cave Bear, and they suggested continuing the deviousness. I declined.

But, you know, if someone as non-devious as me does something devious, then that makes the devious thing more devious, hmmmmm? Maybe I should have done it…No! No!

Anyway, I got back from Dawn my copy of Poppy’s The Value of X, so that sometime Alicia can borrow it (if she likes the other Liquor stories I’ve loaned her), and we agreed that Chinese food really does help the mood (I see a slogan: MSG! It fights SAD!), and the two of them also gave me advice on Portland sushi places so that I can finally try real sushi. Yes, they gave me sushi tips. (That sounds bad. That sounds like sushi from a BBQ place.)

This means I’m back from Dundee, where I showed off my photos of Mt. St. Helens and the Trojan tower, and my aunts and uncles showed off memories of their Mexico trip (with photos, too, good ones of gorgeous places and at least one cute girl). We enjoyed Mexico’s World Cup win against Iran, plus the end of Portugal’s win against Angola. I then made it to home, then Dawn’s, then Popeye’s for a catfish sandwich and collared greens. (Leafy stuff with calcium. Mother Nature’s a GREAT inventor.)
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