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The apocalypse has never been so tuneful

In the stage play version of Little Shop of Horrors, the evil plant Audrey II kills all of the main characters and embarks on the conquest of the world.

The film version was going to end like that, too, but late in production the filmmakers decided it was far, far too harsh and re-shot the ending so that Seymour blows up Audrey II. This meant they willingly junked a gigantic sequence of ever-larger, more Godzilla-like Audrey IIs destroying entire cities.

And for the past several years, it's been online. Here's the final and most Godzilla-y part, as seen in black-and-white workprint footage:

Ah, the end of the world as we know it. Set to song. Which I wonder if the music we're hearing was a temp version of the song, "Don't Feed the Plants," that closes the show. It sounds -- not-big enough, considering it's a song for THE END OF THE WORLD. I also wonder if this is a rough-cut of the sequence, too: it seems a little long and repetitive, as rough cuts are. Still, destruction! Woo hoo!

I love that we can sing about the end of the world.

And I've long thought that the lines from the song -- Grab your hat and hang onto your soul/ Something's coming to eat the world whole -- would've been a good tag line for the poster.
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