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Your own personal rhesus

(Title chosen because it makes me chuckle...)

Another pint of my blood is in the Red Cross's hands. It's my 31st pint since I started donating in 2003. *punches up an online conversion site* *converts from liquid pints to liquid gallons* I'm closing in on having donated 4 gallons, and that's in a little over six years. Soon my number of donations will match, then exceed, the number of years I've been alive. This is a good habit of mine.

The donation center was busy: lots of drop-ins. Took longer, but, as I said in my questionnaire I filled out at the end, it was OK to wait. And my left arm -- which has had trouble in the past drawing well -- drew well. The donation went reasonably quickly, even.

I went post-donation to the Hollywood neighborhood: dropped in on the local Things From Another World and visited briefly with Aaron "Geek in the City" Duran (bought comics from him, too) and then got a beef brisket dip for lunch at a sports bar I'd never been to, so I could watch part of the NFL playoffs. Got fed well. I've treated myself well today. Nice way to reward myself.
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