Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Comes the darkness" here is taken literally.

(using my darkest icon this time in honor of the dark outside...)

Slowly, the days are lengthening. I'm harping focusing on this a lot this winter; I want the lighter times. Weather can get to anyone. I remember how my first winter in Oregon, the 92-93 winter, was extra wet: just rain and rain and rain. By season's end, I'd decided I had most likely dealt with as much rain in one season as I was likely to, and I knew I could handle it. Also allowed me to notice that the 93-94 winter was overly dry here in Western Oregon. Dry ain't necessarily good.

Meanwhile, this night seems especially dark. I know, nothing's darker than dark, and it's no darker than it usually is. It's not like Portland's suddenly both out of power and, oh, I dunno, encased in a sensory deprivation tank the size of the Willamette Valley (or at least the width of the Willamette Valley). But it's like the falling of this night surprised me. Oh! It's dark now. Nowadays the falling of night is happening near the end of my workday, and I watch the lowering of light from a large, large window across from my office desk, and there's still some light in the sky as I leave the office and get to my bus. Tonight I wasn't doing any of that, just focused inward on either computer/writing stuff, newspaper-reading stuff and football-watching stuff, so maybe that explains my surprise.

Or maybe I'm easily surprised.

But I'm home, and I'm warm, and I'm doing all right, and the Saints won decisively which I'm glad about, and so the darkness can just be literal. Not always with a brooder/fretter like me.

Have a good night, all of you.

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