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Once again, I am 12. Except I wasn't this brand of obnoxious when I was 12.

Adventures on Twitter! I posted this:
@splunge2000 "What a snatch! What a beautiful set of hands!" -- heard on football commentary just now. Just chuckled at. Yes, I am 12.
And right after I posted that, I read
@cleolinda RT @annejumps: Technical writers do it manually
and cracked up even more.

Hmm. Was I much of a pervert at age 12? If I was, I was quietly one. Maybe by then I'd seen The Kentucky Fried Movie and its sex scenes (which I've referred to as "an early step in what I call my 'pervert training'"), I'm not sure, but I was definitely noticing The Sexy. (Not double entendres, though, because I was a shockingly literal-minded kid.) But I wasn't talking about it. I wasn't all "If you know what I mean." (Let alone the Joe Bob Briggs Variant, "If you know what I mean, and I think you do.") rafaela can attest, thanks to our phone calls, that I HAVE NO SUCH LIMITATIONS NOW. Except when I know I'm in the wrong circumstances to say such stuff.

It's nice to be a little looser-fingered on Twitter.
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