Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Grab-bag in the mornin'

Two little bits, y'all:
Well, to paraphrase MirrorMask, we've got a tower (PDF file). That's the first third of the lower tower for OHSU's aerial tram, and I'm passing by it twice a day on my commute now.


Guy at Fred Meyer last night (the Hawthorne Freddy's; the site of just my kind of people-watching; mmmm, the tattoos) asked me while in frozen foods where the wine area was. I told him I didn't know, but I remembered right after he had gone.

But I guess I look either A) officially employed by Freddy's or B) like a wine drinker. (I'm a whiskey boy, damnit!)

I have been mistaken for an employee at a big-box electronics-and-music store. It was back in '97 at Wilsonville's Incredible Universe, which now is Fry's, and I was wearing the one button-down white shirt I had -- a cast-off from when I did a temp job as survey taker for Penn & Schoen -- and I looked enough like an employee that a guy asked me where he could find "that young woman who sounds like Patsy Cline." I told him, "First off, I'm not an employee, but you're thinking about LeAnn Rimes, and she's in Country." The store got more than its money's worth from me!
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