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My football night, as seen on Twitter

The Vikings-Saints NFC Championship Game, as it looked from my Twitter feed, including many comments by longtime Saints fan Poppy Z. Brite:

docbrite Hokie Gajan [former Saint]: "The bone would hafta be stickin' out of my ear for me not to play in this game." #saints #whodat

docbrite RT “Here come the Saints, go marching in Super Bowl Saints! Let's stir the pots. (via @donnabrazile)

docbrite RT The noise level in here is indescribable. It's loud. (via @wwltvsports)

docbrite RT Get crunkier! @la2our: Superdome report: Loud and excessively crunk. (via @Mrs_Cocktail)

docbrite RT Allowing that first Vikings TD was in lieu of a gold watch #BrettFavreRetirementParty #whodat #Saints (via @BasinStRecords)

docbrite RT They hate us. They hate our city. They hate everything we stand for. And so they cheat. (via @skooks)

docbrite RT Doing live shots outside the 'Dome. I could hear the crowd inside roaring. (via @Satchfield)

docbrite Lord, please let my ticker last through this game. #saints #whodat

docbrite RT Nice earplugs old man-get off our lawn! #whodat (via @OffBeatMagazine) [In reference to the headphones some Vikings players wore to be able to hear inside the Super Dome]

docbrite WHO DAT? DAT DEVERY!!!! #saints #saints #saints #saints #saints

docbrite RT @AmandaBlahblah: I love how the misspelling of Brett Favre's name is trending on twitter. (via @megodruadh) - AH HA HA I LOVE IT #saints

docbrite RTing best king cake ever as I understand some ppl couldn't see it earlier. #saints #whodat #saints

docbrite Must remember to breathe #saints #whodat


docbrite Enjoy your TURNOVER! It's fresh out of the oven!!! #saints #whodat

docbrite RT FUJITABOUTIT!!!!!!!!!!!!#whodat #saints #whodat #saints #whodat #saints #whodat #saints #whodat #saints #whodat #saints (via @marienola)

docbrite .@marquisdd embraces my serpent. (Note his custom-made, strenuously grammatical shirt.) #saints #whodat [A Saints cheer is "Who Dat! Who Dat! Who Dat Say Dey Can Beat Dem Saints?!"]

docbrite Gaaaaaaaaaaa heaaaaaarrrrrt


docbrite 43 years & the promised land is within sight!!! #whodat #saints #geauxsaints #superbowl44

docbrite Dat's all right! Dat's OK! We're going to the Super Beauxl anyway! #whodat #saints #whodat #saints #whodat #saints #whodat #saints #whodat [Saints fans often say "Geaux Saints!"]

jephjacques Gave Adrian Peterson a baby to hold and it shot out of his hands and into a volcano

docbrite YES LORD! YES LORD! YES LORD! Bless Jonathan Vilma! #saints #whodat

docbrite RT the refs just called a fifteen yard penalty for destruction of a national douchebag (via @BlackenedOut)
jephjacques Did somebody replace the Vikings' gloves with Iron Man style repulsors or something #TonyStarkisaSaintsfan

docbrite RT OK. We don't just have to beat the Vikes, but the refs as well. WE CAN DO THIS. LOUDER IN THE DOME. #saints #whodat (via @The_Gambit)


docbrite RT I am thinking the same thing! RT @julseybean: Sweet Jesus! #whodat #heartattack (via @clsnola75)

docbrite RT @wwltvsports After every TD the press box shakes. The crowd is out of control. (via @MindyMoo) - That's just Bobby Hebert. #saints

jephjacques Fumblsota Fumblevikings

docbrite JONATHAN VILMA WE LOVE YOU WE LOVE HAITI BLESS YOU BOYS #saints #whodat #blessyouboys

djbozyk Balls on the ground...Balls on the ground...looking like a fool w/ your Balls on the ground. C'mon, that thing!!

jephjacques Brett Favre revealed to be a lich, sucks the souls out of entire Saints team to fuel his dark power (Vikings still lose due to fumblesaurus)

docbrite Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women & blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. #saints #whodat [Poppy's theory: Jesus doesn't care about sports, but his mother Mary is a football fan]
djbozyk Hilarious. RT @whuddafugger "I'm Joe Buck, and my hand is resting on Troy Aikman's inner thigh." #vikings #saints

docbrite Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now & at the hour of our death or the Super Bowl. Amen #saints #whodat

kiala I had no idea I followed so many football fans. How did this even happen? #notgoodatsports

docbrite Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

squidvicious Best football game ever

splunge2000 HOT SHIT INTERCEPTION HOT SHIT #saints I actually yelled.

splunge2000 Saints-Vikings is WEARING ME OUT. #saints

splunge2000 You're breathing, right, @docbrite? #saints

docbrite RT Speechless, me. @docbrite has more things to say. (via @marquisdd)

djbozyk Yay OT, but WTF? Didn't the ref say the toss came up heads? [No, it came up tails, and the Viks had called heads, so the Saints got the ball]

docbrite RT @docbrite Got your heart medicine? HERE WE GO!!! (via @beezerbub)

docbrite Brett Favre = Mason Verger [meaning the big antagonist in Thomas Harris's Hannibal]
splunge2000 The 4th-quarter clock stopping at :19 made me think DARK TOWER-y thoughts. #saints (to which docbrite replied "ALL THINGS SERVE THE FUCKIN BEAM")

docbrite RT AUTO FIRST DOWN #saints #whodat #nola #ibelieve (via @Gairid)

docbrite Oh I hurt myself

docbrite RT @SI_PeterKing: More energy in a stadium of fans I have never seen, or heard. (via @DougTatum)

docbrite RT No city deserves this like NOLA.... (via @mpandrus)

splunge2000 NUDITY FOR HEALTH: (so I'm not just writing about football)

djbozyk Mostly I don't care to hear the "Peyton vs. his dad's old team" storyline. Problem is he played for NO and MN. Ugh! #GoVikings

djbozyk #DearGodNo RT @aliciadecosta I want Saints to win because I'm certain E! would make a special out of it. #kendra #kim #producedbySeacrest

splunge2000 I think the booth reviewers are just watching pr0n. #saints

kiala Can you guys get back to tweeting about Brad and Angie and space and comics and stuff now? #solonelyduringfootballtimez

splunge2000 SAINTS! *faints* *recovers* Wow. #saints [Oh, I so wish Twitter allowed larger fonts, 'cause I would've made this larger]

squidvicious RT trenni Game. Set. Match. Career? #favre

jephjacques Good Job Saints, have fun partying New Orleans people! Now to do a comic.

docbrite WE BELIEVED. #saints #whodat #superbowl

nerdliness Favre has already retired and unretired 6 times since the Vikings lost.


docbrite RT @docbrite I live in the UK, but I think I can hear the WHODATs from here! (via @emmajanedavies)
docbrite Happy Whodats (all pix by @marquisdd) [All shots of Poppy and husband Chris DeBarr celebrating]

nerdliness Saints in Super Bowl 9 days before Mardi Gras. In related news, booze prices outside NOLA expected to triple as supply vanishes.

neilhimself @docbrite is this something to do with American football, Poppy?

nerdliness Even if you aren't a football fan, you should've watched the Saints/Vikings game just for the @masseffect2 trailer.

docbrite RT @docbrite is this something to do with American football, Poppy? (via @neilhimself) - No. It is a Third World triumph! #whodatsuperbowl

docbrite RT @docbrite from all of us who don't live there to all o' you who do... We love you... (via @mpandrus)

docbrite This one was for Buddy D. #saints #whodat #superbowl

docbrite Since the Saints are going to the Super Bowl, I can afford to be gracious to those who don't respect our victory. Sour grapes taste baaaad.

docbrite Chris [DeBarr] says: Hey, Li'l Wayne? FUCK YOU, DAWG. #saints #whodat

neilhimself Called @docbrite to ask for mysterious Green Goddess related favour & she made me say #WHODAT for her. It's definitely to do with football.

KristenBowie RT @amyhillman: I'm rooting for the pretty costumes in the Super Bowl. #GoSaints!
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