Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


The good news is that I knew the trivia answer that 11 of the 14 episodes of Firefly aired on Fox*. The bad news is my trivia team didn't accept my answer and went with another that they could justify, except that it was WRONG ARGH okay I'm not actually not as worked up as that makes it sound. I was at Geek Trivia Night again (every other Tuesday at Vendetta, a bar at N Williams and Skidmore). And Bobbie Winchell had a great justification: that Fox decided after six Firefly episodes to cancel it and aired (burned off, really) five more after that decision. We argued for that being an answer that fit the question as asked. Didn't get it. Still came in third in Round 1 and in a tie for third in Round 2 in what was a competitive night. We could hold our head up high.

Plus I got to hang out with cool geeky people, plus I had a decent quesadilla and a VERY lemon-and-lime-y 7-Up. (It came with a lemon, which I squeezed into the drink vigorously, and then my quesadilla came with a lime which I put in and squeezed in too. TART FOR THE WIN.) And I made people laugh. Intentionally. Go me!

* How did I know it? I knew it thanks to Mike "Culture Pulp" Russell! He'd mentioned the number in his comic strip about the previews of Serenity. Thanks, Mike! You're impressive, like your wife!
Tags: firefly/whedon, portland

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