Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It had to start somewhere

So shadesong got people talking about penises.

I had something to add. I wrote
All I want to add is that once upon a very long time ago, a human performed oral sex for the first time. Whoever he or she was, I still kind of want to say THANK YOU.

Oh, I'll add one more anecdote. I've still only been with one partner, Alicia. She'd refer to my penis as "that ugly thing." When she saw me getting insecure about that, she pulled me aside and whispered, "It's OK. I like that ugly thing." Thank you, Alicia. (It is a strange-looking body part, isn't it?)

We now return you to the LJ as you know it. Didn't really feel up for doing Rabbit Hole Day in a deep way this time, but I'm glad I at least had one entry for it.

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