Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Truck stop steak. Sounds like a euphemism.*

Here's what I did to have a big lunch yesterday:

- Got on a bus.
- Got on another bus.
- Rode to the north end of the #8, since it ends at Jubitz, a large and worthwhile truck stop in North Portland not too many blocks from the I-5 bridge to Vancouver, WA. And, as I occasionally do, I had truck stop food. I've said it before: truck stop food is a very special kind of comfort food. I learned that from the times I stopped at the (now torn down and replaced by a hotel) T & R in Albany, OR. That place had what's still my favorite clam chowder. It's also a place my folks stopped at a lot when they were college students in love (as opposed to the 60-somethings in love which they are now) back in the 1960s.

So I have a respect for truck stops.

And for truck stop food.

Not the best truck stop food I've ever had, unfortunately: I added a side of grits that was pretty bland, and the mashed potatoes had an aftertaste I didn't like, so I concentrated on my steak (WOO HOO STEAK) and the really good split pea soup I started with. And a Mello Yello. Plus it was a chance to ride the buses, then sit in the restaurant while my food was prepared, and read. (Robert A. Heinlein's 1954 book The Star Beast. A kid causes an interstellar incident because he has an alien for a pet. Fun book.)

Then here's what I did to work off that food:

- Walked sidewalks and paths up to Hayden Island so I could hang around Jantzen Beach Super Center.
- Walked around stores.
- Rode another bus (the #6 this time) back down to SE, getting off well north of my neighborhood, stopping at an ATM, getting more cash, and then walking all the way home. (I walked from near the Morrison Bridge to my place. This is a good distance, but Portland's well-navigable by foot.)

So I treated myself to food, then walked A LOT to use the calories. I feel accomplished. Wish it had been a better meal, but hey: my truck stop meals are still averaging out to good-and-comforting. Yes, they are.

P.S. My mental radio was alternating between John Denver's "Annie's Song" and The Smiths's "Hang the DJ." Not even I'm sure why.

* Remember: ANYTHING can be a euphemism!
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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