Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Need another summing-up of Lost Seasons 1 through 5? io9's Kiala Kazebee provides! Sample, y'all, from "Season One: I Hate Everyone On This Island Except Vincent":
So now we know about the smoke monster and we know about the Others but not what they are exactly. There are some polar bears (YES!) milling around, Walt can maybe make things happen with his mind, Michael is the Worst Father Ever, Locke thinks he's Survivor Man, Jack is so holier than thou I can't even look at him, Sawyer's hair is ridiculous, and Kate stares at the ocean a lot. We meet crazytown Danielle who needs some moisturizer something fierce because an old shoe for a face is not very French, now is it? She tortures Sayid a little which is okay because he's a torturer himself and there is a hatch which turns on its heartlight for Locke.

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