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A few hours from now I'll be watching the Super Bowl. Hoping for a good, exciting game.

I'll be watching it from home. I decided I'm not in the mood to go out and watch the game at a venue. There are many, but I don't feel like venturing farther than the laundry room or the dumpster. So instead of cheering, yelling, and getting worked up at a theater, a restaurant or a bar, I'll be cheering, yelling, and getting worked up in my apartment.

I love getting worked up over football. I love when it's worth getting worked up over. The Saints' win two weeks ago against Minnesota definitely was.

Football, it lets me be in the moment. I am not a stats follower. (Neither's my brother. He's a computer engineer, and once he apologized for how computer-kept records allowed an explosion of deeply obscure sports stats to be compiled. Someone probably can figure out the correlation between wins and how many hometown fans took flash photos in their team's stadium.) I don't recite or recount the dramas of games, except in vague ways. I have trouble remembering players' names, unless there's a connection (like how the Panthers's Dante Rosario played championship-level high school basketball with my cousin back in 2001). I don't remember who was the stunned player on the field in 2000's Rams-Titans Super Bowl; I just remember being worried for the guy (he is Blaine Bishop -- thanks for the reminder, Wikipedia -- and he was all right) and still being worked up when that wonderful EDS commercial -- the herding cats ad -- came on. And I laughed and laughed and laughed, feeling release. I was worked up. It was worth getting worked up over.

This is a special game this year. I don't always feel that about the Super Bowl. But I've followed the travails of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and the failure of the federal levees, and the resurgence of the Saints in the years between then and now, and I'm so glad the team rebuilt and that its members took a role in helping New Orleans rebuild, physically and psychologically. I'm proud that the NFL and CBS, the network hosting this year's Super Bowl, have been sure to point out the damage that New Orleans is still healing from...and that Haiti has its own huge damage that needs healing. This game is something else helping keep the word out there that we have repair work to do. That we can help. This is more than a game, this year, and it can continue to be more than a game.

May it be a good, exciting game. Oh, and:

Geaux Saints!
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