Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Voice Post: Adam West!

374K 1:55
(no transcription available)

The Penguin and his ten goons are plotting in a backroom
POW! CRASH! BOOM! BAM! In leaps the Batman
Making life safe again for all of Gotham's citizens
He's so bitchin', he's so brave, it's back to the Bat Cave

He's got cool and savoir-faire
In his cape and cowl and his grey underwear
Who is the hero that we like best
Gotta be the Batman, gotta be Adam West

I always cheer I always squeal when he cries out "To the Batmobile!"
Commissioner's on the Batphone, talking to the duo
Joker has escaped again they've just learned
Gotta rev it up, rev it up, emergency Bat-turn

Each bad guy, he always gets
How does he stay dry? He never sweats
Which antiperspirant does he like best?
Gotta ask the Batman, gotta ask Adam West


He's wrestled giant clams, he's been almost barbecued
But he always gets away just when you thought he was screwed
He's beaten up the Joker, the Riddler and the others
But now his greatest foe is all the folks at Warner Brothers
Will their big-budget blockbuster be a bad bomb?
Will Bat-fans care that Batman is also Mr. Mom?
Tune in tomorrow to learn the rest
'Cause I'll be watching Batman, Batman starring Adam West
Tags: music, voice

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