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Whatever works, works

A smart phone commercial on the radio just now made fun of people who use egg timers to keep track of what they need to do next. It exaggerated by having the woman in the ad setting about half a dozen of them, so there's this harmonizing chorus of tick-tick-ticks underneath her explaining what each timer's for, with the occasional little egg timer alarm sounding.

The narrator then says "Egg timers? Really?" She then details how the piece of tech being sold in the ad is worth buying.

To answer the Narrator's question: Yes, for lots of people, really. And I doubt anyone uses egg timers in the way the woman in the ad does. Because what she's really doing is multitasking, and use of an egg timer is different from multitasking: do one thing for a while, then put it aside and do something else. It can help with focus.

It reminds me of how I'm a little suspicious of multitasking. I've done it sometimes, but I'm not at my best when I'm doing it. But, for most of us, multiple things have to get done, and egg timers help people keep track of how close to Done they are with certain jobs. And it's a simple way to do so. Albert Einstein said something that applies: "Everything should be as simple as possible. But no simpler."

Egg timers are also harder to break than smart phones. And easier to replace if they do.

So: I call slight shenanigans. And I should get an egg timer.

And: if you find time-ponderin' thoughts hot, you can do something about that :-) :

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