Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Begging off

So. Y'all keep having birthdays. I've noted them -- rather inconsistently until 2008, when I hit on doing songs and poems for all that year's birthday celebrants, and then much more consistently after that -- in entries here. But I don't think I'm doing it in an interesting way anymore. I've also missed some birthdays lately, and it feels lame to say "Hey! This person changed ages a day/three days/a week ago!" Finally, I don't want to go through the simple motions of noting birthdays. It's probably better for me to direct birthday wishes straight to you, whether in your journals or through e-mail or on your FaceBook pages or wherever.

So I'm begging off. Trust me, I'm thinking of you, and I like that you guys are around and having things worth celebrating. I'll just note that in different ways.
Tags: birthdays

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