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Cleaning. (Which I first wrote "Cleaming.")

Online spaces need cleaning, too. I had a LOT of e-mails that I didn't really need anymore. Now I have a lot fewer e-mails that I don't really need anymore.

"717 conversations in the Trash," my Gmail said a few minutes ago. Now that's at 0. Mostly notifications about comments in my journal, some library hold and "materials due soon" notices that were far out-of-date (I'd already gotten and returned those materials! None of that "What do I do? What do I do? This library book is 42 years overdue" stuff for me!), and Facebook and Twitter notices that I hadn't gotten around to erasing. Several hundred are erased now.

In other news, I need to clean physical places. *looks at stuff he could get rid of* Workin' on it, workin' on it...

Still! In the process of "not needing something, so getting rid of it," and that's good.


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