Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

UtiliKilt. UtiliKilt. It's fun to say. (UtiliKilt!)

I visited tanuki_green and copperwise today while they were working the UtiliKilts booth at Portland Pride. No, I own no UtiliKilt yet. I did try one on, though, and...

...ahhhh, refreshing. There's enough Scottish blood in me (thanks, Grandma Jean) to make a kilt work! I felt bold in it. I actually twirled on one foot for some patrons who wanted a 360-degree view. And I told Tanuki "Now I understand how the guys in Braveheart felt mocking the British" ('cause, you'll remember, they raise their kilts, front and back, during a lull in battle). "But I wouldn't like the arrows," I added. "Yeah, those would be bad," he said.

And copperwise explained to me that there is a heat-holding quality to skirts, at least in cold weather, while staying nice and ventilated. "Women know that, guys don't," she said. So THAT'S it! I've wondered this for years. I once watched college co-eds heading across U of O campus on a really cold winter night and they were skirted, and I thought, "What, is there some magic heat-retaining quality to their pantyhose?" Wrong article of clothing, Chris.

And this, that I thought, I now know to be true: Oh my God, Caitlin R. Kiernan (She Who Is Known As greygirlbeast) needs a leather UtiliKilt.
Tags: portland

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