Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Naked experimenting" is usually more exciting than this.

In news that'll cause at least one person reading this to flutter, this week I've tried sleeping in the nude.

I'd pulled out an additional blanket and thought Well, is it warm enough in bed now that...? and tried it and yep, it was. A nice "SCREW YOU" to winter, I could say -- though the weather here is currently fairly mild and temperate, compared to what a lot of you have been going through, or what we went through already this winter, so I hope it's warm enough in your dwellings that some of you can truly say "SCREW YOU, WINTER" and stay happily warm any way you please -- and also a nice reminder that, yes, sleeping nude IS an option. Walking around in my place in the nude is also an option, but it's somehow not as satisfying, at least not right now.

I've done the sleep this way enough to decide, though, Okay, it's nice to know I can do this, but maybe this is a later-spring/summer thing. Not as great an experiment as Trans-Warp Drive, but that really didn't work out all that well, right?

Of course, naked experimenting is usually more fun with someone else, and when I do get to do that, I'll let you know at least vaguely. *smiles*

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