Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Windows: open

For now, it doesn't feel like winter in Portland. Feels and looks like early spring. What clouds there are today are high and wispy; winds are calm; and it's somewhat comfortable. Slightly nippy, but manageable. There are hints of warmth. I like hints of warmth almost as much as I like warmth.

So it's almost window-open weather. I'm pretending it actually is window-open weather and letting my windows be open. The apartment can probably use that, and I am warm enough.

Spring is trying to poke through, y'all. It's possible. In fact, it's more than possible.

P.S. Later I'll go out in the nice end-of-winter weather and, er, go into a movie theater for a couple of hours, but it's on the advice of Mike Russell so it's for a good reason. He recommended a doc playing today in downtown called Waking Sleeping Beauty, and it's about the decade Walt Disney Studios spent rebuilding its animation cred, beginning with the lows of The Black Cauldron (finally finished, and crapped out onto screens, in 1985) and ending with the highs of The Lion King. This is right up my alley. It'll be worth spending time in a darkened theater for.
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