Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Treats today included:
  • Driving because I can.

  • Getting comics (using a list to be sure I didn't get comics I already had) from the Hollywood Things From Another World and Cosmic Monkey Comics.

  • Having two doughnuts at the NE Voodoo Doughnut, where I sat for a while enjoying the people and the decor. (Since the NE store is larger than the original downtown store, it has room for a coffin-shaped bench, a jukebox, a hockey table with plastic food stuck on top of the players, and a pinball machine based on Bram Stoker's Dracula.)

  • Having a half-sandwich ("What kind of sandwich ain't too fattenin'?" "A half a sandwich") at Grendel's, a coffee-and-sandwich shop I like.

  • Driving more, because I can: over to NW Portland including the Montgomery Park building (a neat, and coolly remodeled, Montgomery Ward warehouse), the I-405/I-5 loop because I wanted to drive over the top decks of both freeway bridges (why not?), over briefly to the Oregon Zoo, then home. I didn't drive at all for months last year, and lately I've mainly done functional driving (groceries, mainly), so it felt liberating to, as I said, drive because I can.
  • It was a beautiful afternoon in Portland during all of this, by the way, which made it treat-ier. Yes, I'll let that be a word.
    Tags: peregrinations, portland

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