Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Figuring out the office

There was another trip I made yesterday afternoon. Before my treat-y driving, I drove downtown and spent a few minutes in my office. I'd felt since Friday that maybe I should pop my head in sometime over the weekend -- almost did on Saturday when I was near there for Waking Sleeping Beauty -- and I decided Sunday to do so. I wanted to see if there was any pressing e-mail, plus I wanted to see signs of whether my boss had been able to get back from a business trip that had, for frustrating reasons, gone longer than expected.*

After parking, paying to park, signing in on the After-Hours Check-In sheet at the lobby desk and getting to the main floor of my office -- this office has space on two floors -- I got to my desk, and I was the only one there at the moment. I saw signs that my boss was in, meaning he had gotten back from his trip, and that another one of the higher-ups in my department was there, as well, both elsewhere in the office. As I was activating my computer, I started thinking: You know, you didn't put enough change in the meter to stay if it turns out they could actually use your help. You should've come in yesterday; you'd taken the bus downtown, so that time you wouldn't have had to worry about your transportation. So are you really committed to being in the office right now? If you show up here, you should be okay about working. Don't be all "Oh, hey, I figured I'd stop in quickly," because it might turn out not to be quick. And I decided I really wasn't in the mood to possibly work extra at that point. I wrapped up at my station and left, never actually running into anyone else. Felt like I was sneaking in and out.

I'm glad for the work, and for keeping busy at it. And I know/reminded myself that if I'm needed over weekends, the others in my department know how to reach me to ask. The end of last week was unusual enough in the office that making an extra trip in this weekend actually made sense, but it doesn't have to be a habit.

I'll head to work soon, and I'll indeed work. And work what should be a more regular schedule. And not overthink the work I'm doing. I think I did that over the weekend.

* I was wrong. I assumed wrong based on limited info. So the frustrating situation I thought was happening, wasn't.
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