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Think about it.

Someone, somewhere, right now, is creating something awesome.

Many someones.

Many other someones will work on their something awesome later today, or later this week, or next month, and sometime along the line other people will get to experience those awesome things and, I hope, be moved to think That's awesome.

A novel's being written that'll change people. Songs are being created that will hit the net and the radio and then reach people's iPods and help people to groove. Paintings, sculptures, photos, cool flowers being cultivated in gardens, all are still happening and many are going to be awesome. Not all of it, but the amount of creation means that someone, somewhere, right now, is creating something awesome.

Many someones.

If you doubt this, remember: once upon a time Citizen Kane didn't exist. Neither did Monty Python. Neither did The Princess Bride (book or movie). Neither did Cheez-Its. (Yes, I like Cheez-Its.) But they were created, and found audiences, and were appreciated.

Not everything worthy and awesome will get recognized as worthy and awesome. Not everything finds an audience.

Today, think about something -- or someone -- you find awesome. And be glad that something or someone exists in our world with us.
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