Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

An attempt at a comfort day

As worrying about people all around the Pacific Rim doesn't actually do much, I'm trying to do something else. True, I'm worried about the effects of the earthquake in Chile, and I've heard updates on what has seemed to be a far smaller than expected tsunami event in the Pacific -- in other words, knock on wood, this doesn't seem to be the 2004 tsunami again -- but doing other things is needed.

I'd actually considered taking a day trip to the Oregon Coast today, but I would've wanted to start early and when I woke up, I decided to wait, try to recharge my energy, and see if I'd be up for it a little later. Not push myself too hard, especially after the semi-insane work week I had. I've napped, though that was interrupted by a donation solicitation call that, honestly, I wish I hadn't answered; and the tendrils of a headache started to tighten on my head during that phone call, and I finally decided Okay, definitely not doing anything too strenuous. So it's been reading since then. Followed by a shower and planning to at least go out for dinner. Treat myself. I wanted to treat myself today, anyway, one way or another. More later once I've treated myself.

Stay safe.

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