Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Try not to breathe in the rubble.

My apartment is closer to being damage-free.

Our building's maintenance guy was finally able to get to my place today -- he wasn't able to get away from personal business on Thursday or Friday to work on my apartment, though he did stop by Friday afternoon to apologize for the delay -- and patched up the holes that the owner and the plumber had left in my place on Tuesday. New pieces of wall are in place. [Insert "Pieces* of Eight" reference here, 'cause my mind's not coming up with anything other than Hey, that reminds me of Pieces of Eight] They need to be patched and painted, but I'm no longer able to see to pipes and ducts like I'm in Brazil. Now if I see pipes and ducts in this place, it'll be thanks to X-ray vision, which I don't think would be all it's cracked up to be, but I digress.

Still, rubble shows up in unexpected places. And it's white-to-gray plaster rubble against white walls and white fixtures and white floors, so it's hard to see. FEEL, yes, no problem; I've stepped on stuff enough to be annoyed, though not hurt. But rubble and dust keep showing up in unexpected places. I hope none of it shows up in my food. (Should've added: some of it's embedded in my soap. I guess the scrubbing makes it cleaner. I GUESS.)

I got away from this for several hours today, which benefited me and the maintenance guy an my parents. Mom and Dad visited me and took me to lunch (Kenny and Zuke's, food with bite which is food I like) and then we drove near Reed College and over to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens, not too far from where I live. "Bathed in light and warmth" as we were at Crystal Springs is preferable to "bathed in rubble."

This entry is brought to you by my desire to use the word "rubble." I don't often get to use it.

* Pisces of Eight? That also went through my mind, and that makes EVEN LESS sense. Definitely need to go to sleep early tonight...

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