Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Another green place

Sleep. Sweet, sweet slumber. All good. My big accomplishment after flying a non-stop red-eye to Washington Dulles and reaching my brother T.J. and his wife Cindy's home this morning was to nap. I need my energy back for keeping up with Robbie and Eric.

The flight started on an annoying note last night, as the man helping me figure out how to check in told me my backpack was too big to count as the "personal item" and would have to count as my carry-on. So I had to check my compact roll-on suitcase, and that made me nervous. I haven't checked baggage since flying to T.J. and Cindy's wedding in 1999! (And that time -- guess what? -- it got delayed.) To their credit, the United people were willing to help someone who hasn't checked baggage since before 9/11...

I never could get comfortable enough to sleep on the plane, so I settled for using minimal energy to stay awake. Eyes closed, soothing thoughts, and for some reason a song on endless repeat in my mind. The song? The Beatles's "All Together Now." It was worth being up, though, to see a big thunderstorm over Illinois which cleared just in time for me to see Chicago sprawling below. (Hi, blubeagle, I flew near Michigan! Over your lake, even! I was close!) And later I saw red, red sunrise light. It was well past dawn when we touched down at Dulles, surrounded by trees. Another green place. I like green places.

Today's been low-impact (well, as low-impact as it can be with twin 4-year-old nephews). Dinner's soon.

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