Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Open mouth, insert foot

A couple of signs I'm not used to being around little kids:

* When Cindy accidentally referred to her two nieces as "aunts," I said, "What, aunts? Was there an accident with a contraceptive and a time machine?" "Don't go there," Cindy said, because the 4-year-olds were around. Yeah, I shouldn't have said it (at least not have said the "contraceptives" part), but I couldn't resist the Douglas Adams reference...

* One of the boys wet himself soon before bed so he got into his bedclothes early (like right after dinner). I managed to forget that this is because they're still learning their potty training -- as the parents put it, the boys get so caught up in doing Fun Stuff that they don't want to stop the fun until they really have to go -- and started to ask if it was a problem with urge control, like they were old men with troubled prostates or something. "They're not ready for Depends, Chris," T.J. said.


In other news, at least two family members are coughing. Cindy is especially sick, and T.J. is taking a day off to corral look after the boys. Robbie first insisted that Cindy wasn't sick, then started saying he was sick, like (I guessed) it was the hip thing to be. "It's the sickly sensation that's sweeping the nation"! I told T.J. "Must be," he said.


I first wrote the title "Upon mouth." Heh. That could be misread...

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