Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A week-and-a-half off

Slightly revised from an e-mail to my folks last night:

No, I haven't been fired. (Heh.)

Almost the entire Marketing department, the team I'm on, is gone for most of the next week-and-a-half -- several of us are in Seattle, and my boss is going to be all over the place (his itinerary the rest of the month: Seattle, central Oregon with family, Seattle again, a national meeting in Colorado, I wouldn't be surprised if maybe Seattle AGAIN, THEN back to Portland). So it's going to be reeeeeally show in the Marketing part of the main office.

I was already taking Thursday and Friday off (I'll probably go in for a few minutes Thursday to make sure some last-minute things got done); my boss asked if I could take next week off, too. I said yes. "There'll be enough stuff piled up for you to do when you get back," he said.

It's a hit to my paycheck, since I'm hourly, but I'm willing to take it to get an actual vacation, especially with how busy I've been this past year. Since I started at the dog show company job, I've had a day off here and there (holidays, yes, but also sick days and a genuine family emergency, so they didn't FEEL like days off) and that kind of frantic week at the end of October between fleeing ending the dog show company job and starting at Hoffman. My unemployed time last February-March-April didn't really count as time off, either. I can use this time off.

This will make it easier for me to get to Olympia on Friday for s00j's show. As for the rest of my time off, I'll figure that out.

So. Some unexpected time for myself. I'll try to make good use of it.

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