Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Quotes from Emerald City ComiCon

Me upon seeing three guys dressed as Indiana Jones: "So now we need a collective noun for Indys?" (One of the Indys: "We need one more, then we can sing harmony.")

(Also? The collective noun for Indys should be "a well of Indys." At least I think so.)

"Of course R2-D2 could also be a jukebox!"

"Huh. Xavier School Musical."

"Thank you for showing that Morpheus can smile."

"We need a hero who slouches!" [said while a woman dressed as Captain America tried to pose heroically as kradical took a photo of her]

To Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content: "As much as I'm sure he'd like to know if it's possible, never let Pintsize find out if he can have sex. It'd be disappointing for him and horrifying for us."

(On a related note: Don't Google "pintsize genitalia." I haven't, and I'm guessing no one should.)

To two women who were wondering if they were in line to see artist Kate "beatonna" Beaton: "It's for Farm Equipment, greatest webcomic in Russia!"

Overheard: "Geoff Johns won't be able to use his wrists for a week."

P.S. I so wished I'd seen a sign at a table that read "Geek need food badly. Back soon!"

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