Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Using the whale icon 'cause, like whales, I'll go a ways!

Trip prep is happening. Three hours before I plan to hit the road (s00j! stealthcello! The LJ-less (I think) Alec! Tricky Pixie! Family!) and I already have a couple of things in the car. I'm also waiting on two loads of laundry. Once they're done I can do more trip prep.

Slight vent: Someone had left an unloaded load in the dryer, I think overnight. I no longer have (many) qualms about taking out other people's laundry -- plus I do my best to NOT LEAVE MY LOADS WAITING -- but not only am I slightly bothered by people leaving their laundry, I worry that people'll think I'm getting my jollies from handling someone else's clothes. So even with me being the only person in the laundry room, I'll make a big show of not looking at what I'm unloading except in the most glancing way. Sometimes life is performance art.

Meanwhile, it's a purrrrrrty day. Windows are open, stuff's airing out, things are getting clean, and I have a big-ass sandwich (courtesy the appropriately-named Big-Ass Sandwiches) in the fridge awaiting eatening.

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